Wooden Vanity Unit

Find out the best materials for your bathrooms

Small utility cabinets are common components of bathrooms. They are used to store bathroom essentials, bathroom linens, and toiletries. Wooden Vanity Unit needs to be durable since they are subjected to water splashes, steam, and lotion drippings every day.

Different Kinds of bathroom cabinets:

  • In addition to the most common bathroom cabinet configuration, bathroom cabinets can also be installed as standalone cabinets or floor cabinets
  • Bathroom cabinets typically have drawers and shutters and are installed beneath the bathroom countertop
  • Bathroom cabinets stand above pedestal sinks this Wooden Vanity Unit has a front mirror, a depth of 6-8 inches, and are well suited for storing toiletries and other bathroom essentials

Basic criteria to select bathroom cabinet materials:

Wooden Vanity Unit

  • The bathroom is a humid and moist area, so the bathroom cabinet materials must be water-resistant and resist humidity
  • Additionally, the bathroom cabinet materials must be strong enough to support the weight of stone countertops made from marble, granite, or quartz

The best material to purchase bathroom cabinets:

  • It is the best choice to use waterproof plywood for the construction of the cabinet because plywood is resistant to moisture and highly stable
  • Avoid materials like MDF (medium density fiber). MDF is susceptible to moisture and humidity
  • There are some homeowners who prefer solid wood for the bathroom, but this material has the tendency to expand and contract when exposed to humidity and moisture
  • If you are buying ready-made cabinets, choose particleboard
  • Ready-made PVC cabinets can also be found. Even PVC cabinets are very cost-effective but should be used only for short-term use or for apartments that are rented since PVC is not very durable and may sag with time

The best material for surface finish:

  • Considering that laminate is highly stained and water-resistant, it is recommended that you choose matte-finish laminate smudges, scratches, and stains seem less prevalent on a matte finish
  • Alternatively, plywood could be used for the main structure and glass shutters could be used for the doors. Glass provides an element of modern sophistication and lightness within the bathroom
  • It is better to use latex paints, as they contain less VOCs than oil-based paints, to finish bathroom cabinets. Latex paints can be found in latex or oil-based forms