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Find the best lawyer in your area

Before answering this question, it may be worth asking yourself: Who is a “good lawyer or better – what qualities should he have. In addition to personality traits, it will definitely be knowledge and experience. So how do you know if a lawyer has such qualities? First of all, we should make known ourselves with the scope of expert interest. And here the most important element appears: in most cases, lawyers handle cases from almost half the scope of the subject matter: from commercial law to commercial and administrative law, and sometimes even tax law. Will such a lawyer have extensive experience and knowledge to deal with my particular case? I doubt it. It can take all the time available to comprehend the articles of association, and where is the rest. Such a lawyer will definitely not be a good lawyer. However, a good lawyer specializing in a narrow field, who, for example, knows so much about a joint-stock company agreement that no one else or few can match. Then he can confidently be entrusted with even the most difficult task in this specialization

So a good lawyer is above all a specialist lawyer.

As lawyers are my clients, I know that the main objection to specialization is the fear that they will have few clients. Nothing more wrong. First of all, people are more willing to use the help of specialists (similarly in medicine), and secondly, a specialist may demand a higher salary, which is understandable in the eyes of the client. As a result, maybe there are fewer customers, but they pay better for it.

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In addition, let’s not forget that we live in the age of the Internet, where we can easily “find” customers located around the world. If the law firm has an e-marketing system implemented (which I do, and I know what I write), it works day and night automatically without interruption and independently searches for the most desirable clients: those who are exactly looking for such a service. Therefore, the fear of specialization is unjustified because there are e-tools available that perfectly help in the legal business. Returning, however, to the title question (initiated by the newsletter of this group. The easiest way is to find a good lawyer on the Internet, but you must be aware that the specialization here is about the substantive level.


Are you wondering if you are able to deal with the legal problem that concerns you? It is better to trust the help and knowledge of a professional lawyer whose support will certainly be profitable. We advise why it is worth trusting an expert and how to prepare for a meeting.