Corporate Secretarial Services

What are all the different business services offered by Boardroom Limited HK?

If you would like to start a business in Hong Kong, first of all you have to properly register it. Registering or starting a business is not a very difficult task in today’s digitalized world. In order to do all these things in the best manner, Boardroom HK is a right choice for all. It is all in one business solution which takes your commercial journey to reach a greater success. This firm is a key point for all hong kong based business owners to help forming your company and also ensures it remains in the market.

Why choosing Boardroom Hong Kong?

There is a team of experts available in Boardroom Limited Company to keep all types of your business running through the help of their company secretarial experts and you can run your business easily. These experts in this firm ensure that you stay complaint with the regulatory and legal requirements. It actually provides the best range of regulatory compliance services based on the annual statutory & regulatory compliance in Hong Kong and also some other forms of jurisdictions. Some of the considerable services they offer include,

  • Regular & proper maintenance of the statutory records & registers
  • Acting as the process and escrow agents
  • Provision of the named joint company secretary, company secretary, nominee directors, authorized representatives, nominee local agents, and also nominee shareholders.
  • Providing best assistance and advice with the compliance and reporting requirements of the related stock exchanges mainly in Malaysia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, and Australia.
  • Preparation of resolutions for board committees, boards, &shareholders.
  • Attendance at board committee, board, &shareholder meetings and relevant minutes preparation.

Corporate Secretarial Services

Payroll management by Boardroom Limited:

Boardroom is really accurate and prompt in managing all types of the payroll in your business. It has an automatic payroll management hong kong in order to improve your productivity and also get critical details. These critical details are very helpful for best decision making which allows you to effectively manage your human capital in Hong Kong. The following are some of the considerable payroll management services offered by this company including,

  • Computing the gross amount to the net salary, ORSO or MRF contributions.
  • Giving the payroll information, payroll journals, and variance reports.
  • Payment of MRF, net salary, or ORSO contribution through their customer trust account, and providing payslips.
  • Computing the statutory entitlement payments under the EAO (Employment Amendment Ordinance).
  • Electronically administering and managing the leave applications of the workers and expense claims.
  • Preparing & also submitting the tax return forms of the employers

Boardroom Limited Company actually has the winning payroll solutions which are basically powered by ignited and all in one cloud based HRMS platform.