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What exactly is the IB programme and advantages for students?

The Worldwide Baccalaureate is a pre-university educational programme intended specifically for students who want to receive education that meets international standards. The curriculum focuses on assisting students in developing aspects, including intelligence, individual, emotional, and soft skills, which will allow them to study and work in an international and globalised world. You must learn in Business English courses in Bangkok. The IB programme is dedicated to developing learners who are:

Inquirers: Students explore their natural curiosity, master the skills required for inquiry and investigation, and display their learning independence. Furthermore, kids enjoy studying, and this excitement will stay for the rest of their lives.

Knowledgeable: Students may investigate concepts, ideas, and problems that have local and global ramifications. They get in-depth and comprehensive knowledge across a varied and well-balanced spectrum of subjects as a result.

Thinkers: Students take the initiative to use critical and creative thinking abilities to recognise and address complex challenges, as well as make reasonable and ethical decisions.

Business English courses in Bangkok

Communicators: Students who can grasp and transmit ideas in more than one language using various modes of communication with confidence and inventiveness are considered communicators. They are capable of collaborating with others in an efficient and successful manner.

Students are receptive to other people’s and communities’ perspectives, beliefs, and traditions because they understand and appreciate their own cultures and personal history. They investigate and analyse many points of view, and they are ready to learn from their experiences.

Caring: Students show empathy, compassion, and consideration for the needs and feelings of others. They are personally dedicated to community service and endeavour to enhance the lives of others and the environment.

Students who take risks face unexpected situations and uncertainties with courage and foresight, and they have the freedom of spirit to experiment with new roles, ideas, and methods. They are brave and outspoken in defending their ideas.

Students understand the importance of maintaining intellectual, physical, and emotional balance in order to achieve personal well-being for themselves and others.

Reflective: Students pay close attention to their own learning and experience. They can assess and comprehend their own strengths and weaknesses to aid in their learning and personal development.