Why do people buy flowers?

Nature is one of Gods wonderful creations. When we take time and spend time sitting in nature we see that how God has created miracle and all the good things he has made for mankind. We should be thankful for the lovely things God has created for our use. The greenery from trees, plants and grass, the colorful flowers, the stream of water are all mesmerizing. God has created the nature with such wonderful things that mankind has always been grateful to him. There are many kinds of flowers which nature has provided us. Flowers are used in many ways. Orchids, Roses, Lily and Tulip are different kinds of flowers. We can find flowers of different color. Flowers are sometimes used as an expression of gratitude. Some people use roses to express their love for other person. Tulips are used for decoration as they don’t get dried fast and they look very elegant. Mostly people buy flowers to give on occasions like weddings, birthday or any reception or any inauguration or any house warming ceremony. Flowers are expression of love and gratitude. In some countries flowers are used as offering to God in prayers. Some flowers are also edible. There are many florist shops which sell different variety of flowers. Flowers can either brought in a flower shop or people can also buy flowers online.There are few florists who provide online services and are available 24/7 all days.There are few florists who ensure not to compromise on the quality of the flowers as they believe quality stands first. They offer good prize and also good discount.

What are Tulips and where are they found 

Tulips are flowers which are large and are brightly colored.They are available in different colors.Their bright colors attract all people.The name of the flower was derived from a Persian word Turban as it is thought to resemble as a turban.There are around 75 species of this flower. Initially these flowers were usually found in Southern Europe to the Central Asia.Later in the seventeenth century they became widely naturalized and people started cultivating them in steppes and mountain areas where they had temperate climates.Tulips can be bred to produce a wide variety of colors.Black tulips have always been difficult to achieve.Black tulip is the queen of night.The first black tulip was bred in the year 1986.